What to Expect When You Meet With Us

What To Expect When You Meet With Us

We are completely aware that hiring a DJ isn’t something people do on a regular basis. Like the rest of your wedding planning, this is likely the first time you will do it. So what should you expect when you meet with a potential DJ? Maybe you don’t know what questions to ask? Maybe you have a ton of questions. Or maybe you’re overwhelmed at the thought of it all and are a completely blank canvas.   Don’t worry, we’re going to help you out with what to expect.

When I meet with new couples and talk about their vision for their wedding day, one of the first questions I ask is “So, what did you guys have in mind for your big day? What’s your vision or are you guys not really sure where to start?”

Sometimes people know exactly what they’re looking for and other times people have the “deer in the headlights” look and weren’t prepared for the question at all.

I treat meeting new couples like a first date. Just like a couple is trying to find the perfect DJ for their wedding celebration, I am trying to pick the perfect couple to provide their soundtrack. A mutual fit for both parties needs to exist if there will be a “second date.”

Once the ball is rolling, I always let the conversation move organically. If the couple isn’t sure what they’re looking for, I ask if they’ve checked out our promo mixes. Our promo mixes are a powerful tool that gives couples an idea of the type of DJ’s we are, however they aren’t the be all end all of what we do; they’re simply a starting point. (If you haven’t checked those out, you can listen to all of them here)

As the initial meeting progresses, we will discuss other dynamics of the wedding plans. Where’s the venue? How many guests are they thinking about having? Is the cocktail hour in a separate room? Do they need ceremony services? The more information I have, the more advice I can give the couple. For example, its important that the couple understands the dynamic of having bars outside of the main reception area and how that could change the energy on the dance floor. Most couples won’t realize all the details that could change how I would approach their wedding.

I also bring a blank reception timeline worksheet with me for the couple to keep, regardless if they decide to move forward with Marquee as their wedding DJs. The timeline has all the information that I will need to make their reception a success, everyone’s names for the grand entrance (if there is one), the order of events, the songs for the cake cutting, first and parent dances. Who is making a speech or giving a blessing? What time dinner starts? What time is the reception over? Are there any other notable events or things I should be aware of? It’s a great starting point for the couple to get organized for planning their wedding.

It’s always my goal to tell a couple the absolute truth. I’m a full disclosure person, I’ll tell the truth even if it’s at my own detriment. I think it’s hugely important to let people know that they might have an unrealistic expectation for something or if their particular musical tastes aren’t my expertise. The more information I give back to the couple, the more they can trust that I am going to do everything I can to make their wedding day incredible.

Although it doesn’t happen often, it’s also just as important for me to tell a couple that I might not be the best fit for their wedding. As a business owner, obviously I want as much business as possible, but not at the expense of taking on an event just for the money. Doing something just for the money usually ends up in an unhappy couple and an unhappy me. Your wedding day should be spectacular and you need to make sure the DJ you choose for it is as invested in making it a success as you are.

By the end of the meeting, both parties will have a really good idea if we are fit. I’m always excited for the opportunity to bring my passion to a couples wedding day. I’d love to discuss how Marquee can make your wedding day amazing, shoot us a message and let’s get some coffee!

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