10 Questions to Ask Before You Book Your Wedding DJ

  1. Are weddings your primary focus as a DJ? Do you do other events in addition to weddings?

While it’s ok that your DJ primarily focuses on weddings, you definitely want to make sure that your DJ is well rounded and can be versatile in different scenarios. A one-dimensional DJ might not have the ability to adapt if things don’t go exactly as they planned. I’ll be the first to tell you, they rarely go exactly as planned. If your DJ plays several different types of events, when they experience a “tough crowd” they can take some of the experience from other events and implement them into your wedding if necessary. Being able to adapt is an invaluable skill that a great wedding DJ will be able to deliver.

  1. How do you customize the music from wedding to wedding? Is it the same or is each wedding unique?

Obviously, we assume you want your wedding to be unique and specifically catered to you. Some DJs deliver a specific style, while others can do a multitude of different styles. It’s important that you pick the DJ that will be able to deliver your vision. Each wedding we do at Marquee is always different and unique. We always work with each couple to decide on what music should and should NOT be played in vast detail.

  1. How do you handle song requests?

Most of the time we find that requests from your guests are likely something that we would end up playing anyway so its easy to accept them. On the other hand, sometimes certain guests forget that this is YOUR big day and not theirs. A good wedding DJ will handle song requests professionally and have several different approaches to handling song requests from your guests.

  1. Do you mix the songs together or will there be a pause between songs?

In our opinion, this is a HUGE deal. When done properly, a DJ that mixes two songs together seamlessly will make it hard for you to tell where one song began and the other ended. However, if they don’t mix at all, or even worse, try to mix songs together without the skill or “know-how” to do so, it will sound terrible and be VERY noticeable. Ask your DJ for some sample mixes for you to check out. You can check some of our stuff out here.

  1. Do you have back-up equipment?

This question is on just about every list of questions to ask potential wedding DJs that we can find. Here’s the truth, if something goes down it’s going to be noticeable, regardless if the DJ has back-up equipment. Its important to make sure that the wedding DJ you choose invests in professional equipment. You might find that DJs will have several different speaker or sound packages. Typically, this is a tactic to upcharge you. Investing in quality equipment is important because it provides reliability and can eliminate the necessity for a cheaper/smaller sound system. Ultimately, yes your wedding DJ should ABSOLUTELY have back-up equipment and a game plan for how to implement everything should something go wrong.

  1. Have you played our venue before? If not, would you visit beforehand?

Even the most seasoned wedding DJ likely hasn’t played every venue in your city. Depending on what services your DJ is providing, a visit isn’t always necessary, however it definitely doesn’t hurt! A lot of DJs offer uplighting or monogram services in addition to their DJ services. Uplighting recommendations can be tricky if they haven’t specifically played that venue and often times a visit would be recommended before advising how many uplights you need. Another big reason to visit a venue beforehand is when the acoustics of the room are in question. Every venue is vastly different and your DJ will need to know how to adjust so that people can understand the speeches, hear the music clearly, and maintain the sound levels so they are still comfortable for your guests without blasting them out of the room.

  1. Do we get to select our DJ or is one selected for us automatically?

This is a hugely important question. Most of the time each DJ company will have more than one option for you to choose from and you should have the ultimate say in which DJ you want for your wedding. The company will likely be able to pair you with potential DJs but you should still get to know the actual DJ that would be performing before making a decision. I would be concerned if a company automatically selected a DJ for you before you met or discussed anything with them personally.

  1. Do you offer other services like lighting or photo booths?

Every wedding DJ is different. Some offer additional services like lighting or photo booths and some are primarily focused on DJing. We are definitely focused primarily on the DJ and music portion of your wedding, however we do offer some lighting services. Its important that the “extra” services that your wedding DJ offers make sense. It’s always been my opinion that photo booths should come from a separate vendor because that seems like an entirely different space. If you’re choosing the best wedding vendors, shouldn’t each vendor be an expert in their own space?

  1. How do you get people on the dance floor?

This is a tricky question, however its probably one of the most important on this list. Most couples define the success of their wedding depending on how many people are on the dance floor. A wedding DJ should feel confident that they can pack your dance floor and they should be able to tell you how they go about making that happen. A great wedding DJ will know how to read your crowd and slowly build the energy organically. Its our opinion that when a DJ relies heavily on pumping up the crowd by using the microphone all night, it really steals the attention away from the couple. There are certainly some really good DJs that can use this tactic tastefully, however its important to discuss these details in person at a meeting with your potential DJ so that you understand how they work.

  1. Why should we choose you as our wedding DJ?

Too many times I’ve gone to meetings and not heard this question. It’s the simplest way to get a straight answer from your potential wedding DJ. They should be able to explain why a couple should choose them; is it their mixing abilities, is it their can-do attitude, is it their professionalism, or is their something specific that really sets them apart from the competition? At the end of the day, your DJ should be dedicated to the overall success of your wedding.