I started Marquee Wedding Company after being to too many weddings with horrible DJ’s.  Every time one of my friends or family got married, I was constantly critiquing things that they could be doing better … or perhaps not at all (cue blow up props and leading line dances).  Having been a club DJ my entire adult life, I knew I could fuse the two together making the experience incredible.

I spent my early twenties making a small name for myself within a company that owned a national chain of nightclubs, eventually landing a director of entertainment position.  After growing tired of traveling coupled with less DJing and more managing, I moved on to tackle my career as a freelance DJ.  Within a year or so, I had been featured in every major nightclub in Pittsburgh, traveled to many cities as a headlining guest DJ, and landed residencies other DJ’s would fawn over.  I got married and eventually decided it was time to move on from the nightclub scene and thus Marquee Wedding Company was born.

I’ve expanded Marquee to include wedding DJ services in Charlotte, NC in 2016. I’m looking forward to bringing my unique approach to your wedding in Charlotte!