Hi, I’m Mark Raich and I’m glad you’re here!

Having grown up with a large extended family, I was raised in an environment where weddings, parties and family gatherings were a common occurrence. Music always played a big part of every event, and there was always a radio on in my house growing up. I’ve been told I would occasionally refuse to fall asleep unless a radio was playing in my crib.

After devouring my family’s record collection, I started my own, and consumed anything I could get my hands on, making tapes from the radio and MTV…I was hooked. In college, I became “the music guy” for parties. DJ’ing was the natural progression, and has turned into a lifelong passion for great events, great people and great music.

I’ve since been very active in the club circuit in Pittsburgh for over a decade, and being well-rounded in numerous styles has helped me remain vital, relevant, and busy when many contemporaries stay stuck in one place and can’t relate to ever-changing audiences.

Marquee is a natural fit for my talents and desire to bring the best of what a wedding can be to the forefront. I’ve seen so many average-and-below events that fall apart when the entertainer just doesn’t make it happen for their clients.